Here at Enviroply, we are committed to operating in the most environmentally friendly manor possible. From the materials and methods to the type of roofing systems we install, through the use of V.E and adhering to the BREEAM RATING codes of sustainability.

The Company recognises its environmental duties under the Environmental Protection act 1990 and accompanying legislation, the Managing Director recognises that they have a responsibility to take an environmentally (and socially) responsible approach both to existing activities and to possible new developments.

1. The Company, so far as is reasonably practicable, proposes to pay particular attention to:

a) To minimise disturbance to the local and global environment, and to the local communities and wildlife.

b) To minimise use of energy and raw materials and to adhere to the principles of sustainability.

c) To consider the environment in the design of processes and products and the maintenance of equipment.

d) To provide information on the use and final disposal of products.

e) To ensure that all employees and suppliers are adequately informed about the company environmental policy.

f) To minimise the use of product related materials and services such as packaging or transport.

2. In order that the Company can achieve those objectives, it is important that employees recognise their duty, whilst at work, to take reasonable care of the environment. Employees should also co-­operate fully with the Company or anyone else concerned, to ensure that their obligations are performed or complied with.

We continuously review our BREEAM rating and Value Engineering objectives as our commitment to providing both a sustainable and quality product. Please contact us for any further information