Enviroply Roofing are a Sarnafil approved commercial contractor and specialist Single Ply Roofing Contractors based in the North West. We provide industrial and commercial roofing systems in the city of Manchester. With a population of 514,417 as recorded in 2013, we are proud to service and install new roofing systems throughout Manchester – The United Kingdom’s second most populous urban area.

Enviroply has years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals – we make sure you are left with an end result that lasts for years to come. We provide the following the roofing systems throughout the region of Manchester:

Armourplan Roofing

Armourplan is ideal for a wide range of roofing applications such as new builds, refurbishments and specialist installations such us simulated metal roofs commonly found on commercial and industrial premises. Armourplan has been used in the roofing business for over 30 years due to its high UV resistance and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Sarnafil Roofing

Manufactured in Switzerland under a strict quality control, Sarnafil roofing membranes are dimensionally stable which means that the membranes do not shrink or lose their shape. This also results in a roof with a life expectancy of over 40 years, as independently assessed by the British Board of Agrement. Sarnafil Roofing systems are also waterproof, solar reflective and are resistant to root growth. Sarnafil roofing membranes are also fire retardant and are self-extinguishing.

Green Roofing

Green roofing or Grass roofing is a roofing system that uses self-sustainable plants like grass as roof covering instead of traditional materials. Introduced in the 1960’s, Green roofing has become quite popular in recent years due to its environmental benefits. Because its uses plants like grasses, mosses and sedums – Green Roofing has been proven to provide additional insulation during the cold and hot weather, reducing the heating and cooling bills. Green Roofing also reduces noise pollution into and out of the premises, achieved by the grass, moss or sedum reducing the passage of noise.

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