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We are Sarnafil approved Commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractors based in the North West. Our humble beginnings centred around domestic roofing projects in and around the Greater Manchester areas. As our reputation and workforce has grown, so has our capabilities – allowing us to evolve in to one of the leading certified commercial and Industrial roofing contractors in the North west. Over the past few years, we have worked alongside companies that share the same passion as us in delivering the best in roofing and property renovation service we can offer – carried out to meet and exceed BREEAM Ratings.

As commercial roofing contractors, we are approached by companies to work on a specific project. These projects include roofs for commercial apartments, large supermarkets, historic churches and many more. The majority of these roof builds have been well in excess of 1000m2. Whether it is commercial roofing or industrial roofing you are looking for – we have it covered.

Some of the companies we have worked with in the past include:

Hough Construction: A company dedicated towards excellent craftsmanship, their services include house extensions, renovations and refurbishments.

Wickstead Developments: Wickstead Developments have made a name for themselves as their work is also featured in Channel 4’s Location Location Location. Their services include extensions, conversions and bi-folding doors.

Gelder Group: Gelder Group employs more than 200 people nationwide and provide structural solutions, repair and renovation to commercial and industrial premises.

Single ply roofing is suitable for all types of roofs, we have applied membrane to roofs where you would expect to see traditional slate tiles in the past.

Vaughandale Construction: Specialising in refurbishment, new build and minor works construction projects, Vaughandale has been in the business since 1991 and has a brilliant track record of services public and private sectors.

As specialist flat roofing contractors, we believe it is our responsibility to install a roofing solution that lasts for generations. For commercial roofing, we choose the finest and most durable roofing solution that stands the test of time. For industrial roofing, we can even choose to install Green Roofing solution that is not only environmentally friendly but is also self-sustainable.

Contact us for information on single ply roofing systems for private, commercial or industrial premises. You can also call us on 01257 368050 or 07738 383474 to make an appointment for your free quote. Alternatively, you can leave us a message with your name, email and phone no. and one of our friendly advisors will contact you.